Nick Assef is the Chairman of a company

Posted by Admin / October 19th, 2012

Shareholders and the boards of directors for corporations often experience all sorts of conflict prior to, or during a, mergers or acquisition issue. Indeed, this is where most of the conflict in the corporate world comes from. Nick Assef is the Chairman of a company that helps to resolve disputes related to corporate issues. This company is called Lincoln Crowne & Company and it is based out of Sydney, Australia.

Nick Assef has helped to create in Lincoln Crowne & Company a company that helps other businesses to grow in a sustainable and profitable way.

One Of The Most Effective Independent Advisory Firms

Posted by Admin / August 3rd, 2011

There is an air in the corporate world that every decision is a major one. This is because with a company so large, the smallest decisions often can be quite consequential. There is usually a good deal of money and many jobs to worry about when considering corporate decisions. You can see why, then, people take considerable care when it comes to the more weighty decisions in the corporate world. When someone brings a lawsuit against a corporation, when there is a dispute amongst the Board of Directors, or when there is the threat of a hostile takeover—these times require tough decisions and innovative thinking. Many individuals and companies will turn to independent advisory businesses during times like this in order to seek help.

One of the most effective independent advisory firms working in the industry today is Lincoln Crowne & Company. This company is capable of handling a wide variety of issues, but Lincoln Crowne & Company specializes in challenges regarding Mergers and Acquisitions. Lincoln Crowne & Company has been quite successful in consulting with corporations, their staff’s mixture of experience and innovation has been key to that success. Lincoln Crowne & Company is headquartered in Syndney, Australia, and it is capably led by Chairman Nick Assef.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is currently acting as a financial adviser to Zijin Mining Group, a corporation in China, which recently acquired a strategic stake in Norton Gold.

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